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CoSign Module Plus The Internal System - this is cabinet signs, mounted on doors or walls (with changed or unaltered information); aligned triangle aluminium signs
(with the inscriptions: "Sold", "Reserved", "Price", "Lunch" etc.) information boards and links (from the simplest one to the most complex) in stairways and lounges.

CoSign Module Plus The Internal System consists of text aluminium profiles, changeable or unchangeable information;  lateral aluminium profiles, also one-sided, two-sided or triangular plastic nozzles.


CoSign Module Plus The Internal System offers a wide range of options, producing informational signs,  it can be mounted on doors, walls or placed on the tables; references, indicator boards and other advertising or informational products made of aluminium.


You can download technical sheets, where you will see sections of profiles and sizes, and a lot of other useful information.


Profile length: 5 meters.