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Led Thinlite is thin, illuminated, new generation frame with LED lighting.

Led Thinlites frames are 19 mm deep, long life and low energy consumption. Therefore, using these frames, you will pay for electricity and maintenance symbolically.

Led Thinlites has a comfortable stainless frame mechanism with hidden springs, which makes it easy to change the information displayed (poster) and elegant round safety corners. The frames have passed the CE / UL PAT test and have the required quality certificates.

Profiles: 25 mm silver anodized,

Angles: rounded safety corners,

Standard sizes are available:

Onesided:                        Double-sided:

210 x 297mm                   210 x 297mm
420 x 297mm                   420 x 297mm
594 x 420mm                   594 x 420mm
841 x 594mm                   841 x 594mm
1189 x 841mm                 1189 x 841mm
500 x 700mm                   500 x 700mm
1000 x 700mm                 1000 x 700mm
600 x 800mm