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I-Sign Flex is a modern frame system with several unique features.

The top of the acrylic cover is at the same level as the top of the aluminum frame with a visible edge of 2.5 mm.


Easy assembly - profiles are cut to the required dimensions at an angle of 45 degrees and assembled using special corners for reinforcement.

Any material on which to print or glued information can be used for the presentation of information. Glass can be placed on the poster display. 

I-Sign Flex is spring-loaded, making it easy to remove an acrylic plate and replace the insert by simply pulling one of the two edges.

For wall mounting, use a two-sided adhesive tape or adjustable mounting buttons.

I-Sign Flex has a shutter function to prevent vandalism i.e The frame is equipped with a special key so that the necessary info can be locked i.e. then the edges do not shrink and the information can not be removed.

You can buy profiles with accessories and produce it yourself.

Standard frame sizes:


Mounted on the wall:                 Hanged:                    Fasten on the end:      Placed on the table:


52 x 148,5mm                           150,5 x 148,5mm      150,5 x 148,5mm        52 x 148,5mm

60 x 210mm                              212 x 210mm            212 x 210mm

105 x 107mm                            210 x 297mm            210 x 297mm

105 x 148,5mm (A6)                 297 x 210mm            297 x 210mm

105 x 148,5mm (A6 slider)

148,5 x 150,5mm

210 x 148,5mm (A5)

210 x 212mm

210 x 297mm (A4 lndsc.)

297 x 210mm (A4 port.)

297 x 299mm

420 x 297mm (A3 port.)

594 x 420 (A2)

841 x 594 (A1)