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I-Sign Fix; This is an elegant frame with invisible fixings.

Easy assembly - profiles are cut to the required dimensions at an angle of 45 degrees and assembled using special corners for reinforcement.

Any material on which to print or glued information can be used for the presentation of information. Glass can be placed on the poster display. 

Sheets with a thickness of only 2 mm or 3 mm are mounted in a frame with a small, innovative clip. These clips are complete with double sided adhesive tape. After removing the protective layer from the sheet, a sheet is attached to it. Sheets can be made of various materials: PVC. ACM, acrylic, aluminum, engraving materials, etc.

You can buy profiles with accessories and produce it yourself.

Standard frame sizes:

Mounted on the wall:         Hanged:              Fasten on the end:

150 x 150mm                    150x 150mm       150 x 150mm
150 x 300mm                    150 x 300mm      150 x 300mm
150 x 600mm                    150 x 600mm      150 x 161mm
297 x 210mm (DIN A4)
297 x 420mm (DIN A3)