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Architectural signs are made from CoSign Module Plus aluminum profile system.

Module Plus system has all the gama of profiles for architectural signage production. 

It is: textual, sided, distinctive profiles.

Various additional details: clips (for textual profile fastening),užbaigiamieji antgaliai. After using all these elements, we get a finished product

With the help of Module Plus system architectural signs are easily produced, they are easy to assemble, and then serve (i.e. to change information, add extra notes).


The architectural signs are mounted on a rigid PVC (or other) basis. The base is needed to easily change the position of a hanging sign, transport it and hang it. All text profiles (with replaceable or unchanged information) are mounted with the help of special side clips, so that you can easily remove profiles and change existing information later.


Side-finishing profiles are used for the final touches of the architectural signs. With their help, the product is completely finished.

You can download technical sheets showing profile sections and sizes, and many other useful information.


Profile length: 5 meters.